How to Stay Safe While Riding A 150 CC Scooter

Posted by Lowest Price ATV's on Oct 20th 2020

How to Stay Safe While Riding A 150 CC Scooter

How to Stay Safe While Riding A 150 CC Scooter

As you buy a 150 CC scooter from us at Lowest Price ATVs, you have the best transportation means to get around the town. However, as with all transportation means safety should be your first concern. We share with you some ways to stay safe while you ride the scooter.

Wearing a helmet

If you wear a helmet, then you can save your head if you have a fall. However, not all states make it compulsory to wear a helmet. The laws to wear a helmet while riding varies from state to state. It is not mandatory in some states, while in some riders below 18 years need to wear one. Irrespective of the state law, it is always wise to wear a helmet.

While you purchase a helmet, make sure that it meets the safety ratings as laid by the Department of Transportation. To make sure that the helmet is according to DOT's safety ratings, you need to see if there is a DOT sticker at the back. You need to buy a proper size so that the helmet fits your head well and it is comfortable.

It is best to buy the helmet along with the scooter. As we offer a reputed make 150 CC scooter for sale, you can order the same from us and request the helmet simultaneously.

Buy protective gear and clothing

When you ride a car, you stay inside a protective metal cage, saving you in case of a crash. However, in a scooter, there is no such cage for your safety. You need to wear a protective jacket, gloves and nonslip boots to help guard your body if there is a crash. The protective gear you buy needs to have a bright color and reflective surface so that other riders can easily spot you.

Watch hazards that are on the road

According to the National Safety Council, you need to be aware of and avoid safety hazards like potholes, gravel and oil slicks while riding a scooter. When you approach a rail track, you need to be cautious. Do not ever try to cross if the gate is closed. While crossing, do not speed as that can make you lose control leading to an accident.

Consider the weather before you take out the scooter

Weather can have an impact on your ability to ride a scooter. Like if it is raining, then you will have lesser visibility making it harder to ride. If the weather forecast predicts rain or thunderstorm, then it is wise not to ride a scooter. If you need to ride while it is raining, then do not speed and brake softly. On a windy day, try riding on the lane from where the wind is coming.

Secure your scooter

It is not uncommon that one can steal your scooter if you do not lock it. The scooter you buy from us may have a steering lock. If you close the steering lock, the thief will have difficulty in steering the scooter. If the scooter does not have a steering lock, you need to use U-lock or cable lock to keep it secured.

Following these tips will help you to have a safe ride on the 150 CC scooters that you buy from us.

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