How to Stay Safe While Riding A 150 CC Scooter

Posted by Lowest Price ATV's on Oct 20th 2020

As you buy a 150 CC scooter from us at Lowest Price ATVs, you have the best transportation means to get around the town. However, as with all transportation means safety should be your first concern. We share with you some ways to stay safe while you ride the scooter.Wearing a helmetIf you wear a helmet, then you can save your head if you have a fall. However, not all states make it compulsory to wear a helmet. The laws to wear a helmet while riding varies from state to state. It is not mandator
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The Ultimate Guide to Dirt Bikes For Kids

Posted by Lowest Price ATV's on Oct 20th 2020

So your kid wants to start riding dirt bikes? Well, there are only two ways you can be feeling right about now, either -1. Completely confident due to your ample experience with motorcycles.2. A mixture of confusion and anxiousness because it is a completely new territory.As once anxious and scared parents ourselves, we are here to tell you that buying dirt bikes for kids and helping them to learn how to ride. While riding a motorcycle does carry with a degree of risk, there are numerous ways
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Stylish 50cc Motor Scooters for Sale at Lowest Price ATV

Aug 29th 2020

Buying a 50cc scooter is the best way to experience dirt biking for beginners as it is an easy to ride and safe option. And we at Lowest Price ATV understand that well, hence provide a wide range of 50cc motor scooters for sale at the most reasonable prices so that you can make your first scooter ride an experience to remember! So have a look at our selection below and choose the one that you think will match your style and personality.TaoTao ATM50 A1 ScooterIt is the perfect 50cc scoo
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Motor Scooters – A Budget-Friendly and Easy To Ride Vehicle

Aug 26th 2020

Motor scooters are a fantastic mode of transportation as it has numerous qualities that make it easy and convenient to ride. Also, these vehicles are affordable as compared to other motor vehicles available in the market. Not only these vehicles are inexpensive in price, but the maintenance costs are also much lower as compared to another alternative available. When talking about fuel economy, the motor scooter is a great option because of its incredible MPG. A motor scooter has the ability to r
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Buy the Dirt Bike that Suits You and Avoid Mishaps!

Aug 25th 2020

Have you been fascinated by a YouTube video which displays a professional motocross rider navigating a powerful and stylish dirt bike on a twisty and mountainous trail? And now you want to buy a dirt bike of your own to try out such an adventurous ride? Wait! Do not buy a dirt bike by just following your dream; consider the reality; otherwise, the scenario will likely go bad! Before purchasing a dirt bike, you must understand that there are different kinds of dirt bikes available and you must ch
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