Dealer Assembly etc.


For Our Local Customers Only ! Dealer Assembly charge is required !
As a Authorized and state License dealership We give our customers a fully assembled and tested unit. However there are many things involve in that process 1) Freight; 2) Prep/Assembly/Set-up these cost must be passed on to the consumer. We get these units in a crate and must be assemble in it is entirety ( Assembly the unit consists of...

1. Putting on the tires, catter pins, Front suspension
2. Tighten up the shocks
3. Putting on the handle bars
4. Putting on the foot rest (Atvs)
5. Putting on the front Bumper (Atvs)
6. Front and Rear racks (Where Applicable)
7 Putting on the roll bars (Go karts)
8. Putting on the Rear Trunk (Scooter)
9. Assembling the headlights (Scooter)
10. Putting on the Seats (Go karts)
11. Putting on the Seat belts (Go karts)
12. Installing the Dump bed (Utvs)
13. Putting on the Training Wheels (Dirt bike Where Applicable)
And Much more...

For Scooters Purchase customers must pay us Doc fee; 4) Title; 5) Temporary License/Registration; and 6) everybody's favorite, SALES TAX

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