Ways To Stop Dirt Bike’s Grips From Slipping

Posted by Lowest Price ATVs on Aug 8th 2023

Nothing beats the feeling of riding your dirt bike on a new track! But you also need to be prepared. You need to have strong grips on your handlebars to handle any obstacle or challenge. But what if your grips are old or faulty? What if they come off or rotate when you encounter a rough patch or a sharp turn? You can wind up hurting yourself in a bike crash! That's why you need to check out some best dirt bikes and how to install them. You should select quality dirt bike grips for your bike, which won't disappoint you.

Imagine riding your dirt bike on a new trail and encountering a tough obstacle that you didn't see coming. How would you feel if you had no grip on your handlebars or your grips just rotated on the bar? Of course, it’s not a pleasant image. 

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Are you a newbie rider? You probably faced this problem many times. This problem is very frustrating. But after many failures, you probably learned how to get rid of this problem. 

However, stopping the dirt bike's grips from slipping isn’t a big deal. To prevent your motorcycle grip from slipping, you need to follow one of these methods correctly. Let's begin without wasting any time.

Choose The Suitable One

Are you on the market & searching for the best grips for your dirt bike? You probably have two options before you! One is slide-on and lock-on dirt bike grips. Both of them can slip. That's true. Lock-on grips are more secure and stable than slide-on grips because they have bolts that clamp them to the handlebars. Slide-on grips rely on friction or glue to stay in place, but they can wear out or loosen over time. Anyway, if you have a loose lock-on grip, fix it by following a few steps that work best with your dirt bike grip.

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Use Grippy Gel

Most adventure sports bike grips are slippery. It is true as liquid rubber is used to create the gripping surfaces. You can prevent this by using a sticky gel between the handlebar and the grip. It will make the grip surface more resistant to sliding. It provides better control over your bike.

Use Hair Spray

Another way to prevent a motorcycle grip from slipping is to use hair spray. Spray some hairspray on the handlebar and inside the grip. Then, slide the grip onto the handlebar and wait for 30 minutes. The hair spray will create a cushion that will hold the grip surface in place. Don't spray too much hair spray. It will make the grip slippery.

Use A Grip Shaft Lock Ring

A grip shaft lock ring keeps the grip from sliding off the handlebars. It is simple to put on and take off, so you can replace your grips without having to disassemble the bike. make sure to maintain it well so that it doesn't slide during your ride.

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Using Spray paintp

Use spray paints if you’re ever worried about your grip slipping! Spray some paint inside your grip, and then put it back on the handlebar. It will stop the grip from sliding. Be careful not to spray any paint on the screws that secure it in place. It may have an adverse effect while riding.

Using Glue

Glue is the common way to prevent a dirt bike grip from slipping. Glue is available in many forms. That’s why it’s ideal for different applications. Put the glue on the handlebar and inside the grip. When the glue is completely dry, put your grip back on with screws and a new handlebar end cap. Be careful not to put glue around the screws that attach it to the handlebar. Be sure to fasten everything firmly in place!


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