Top Six Kids Dirt Bikes for Sale at Lowest Price ATVs

Aug 25th 2020

Top Six Kids Dirt Bikes for Sale at Lowest Price ATVs

Top Six Kids Dirt Bikes for Sale at Lowest Price ATVs

Are you dirt biking enthusiast and want your kids to get started with this great sport? Or your kids love watching dirt bike races and want to try this exciting sport? Also, you want to gift your kids their own dirt bikes but are afraid of the price! Then do not worry we at Lowest Price ATVs have brought to you some of the best quality yet cheap kid’s dirt bikes for sale. Have a look at the various options we have for you below:

New dirt bike 70cc semi auto -

This new dirt bike 70 cc Coolster for kids is a semi-auto dirt bike that has four stroke kick start Honda cloned motor with dual brakes that makes it an ideal dirt bike for kids.

High-End Dirt Bike Pit Bike 70cc -

The High-End Dirt Bike Pit 70cc Bike is a semi-automatic dirt bike that has an air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine. It is also a kick start bike.

Apollo DB-21 70cc Semi-Automatic Dirt Bike -

This semi-automatic kids dirt bike has a 70cc 4-stroke air cooled engine with rear kick start starter mode, hydraulic front forks, front and rear drum brakes and with a maximum speed limit of 40mps depending upon the weight of the rider and road conditions.

RPS XMOTO 70CC Automatic Dirt Bike -

The RPS XMOTO 70cc Dirt Bike comes with automatic transmission and features an electric kick start and 70cc engine. It is available in yellow, red, green or multicolor. This unit features a steel frame that makes it extremely durable.


This TaoTao dirt bike with 90cc semi-automatic and an air-cooled engine is one of the most preferred dirt bikes for kids. Its maximum speed limit is 35mph which can be adjusted using a regulator.

RPS XMOTO HX90S 90cc for Kids-

The RPS XMOTO 90cc HX90S kids’ dirt bike with semi-automatic transmission features an electric kick start and 90cc engine. It is available in blue, green, yellow and red. This unit features a steel frame that makes it highly durable.

Besides these top six kids dirt bikes, we provide many other high-quality dirt bikes at the most competitive prices. All our dirt bikes for sale are brand new and are equipped with high-performance engines as well as a suspension to handle exhilarating speed even for the hardest riders. We at Lowest Price ATVs always strive to deliver our customers the ideal dirt bikes for sale so that they can enjoy a fun-filled ride and create beautiful memories.

We also carry all the genuine parts for every product we sell to help our customers get back to hitting the trails and tracks as soon as possible.

If you are still confused in which kids dirt bikes to buy then get in touch with us today at 1 (800) 424-3160 and take advantage of our free shipping facility to your doorstep.

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