Guide to Dirt Bikes for Young Motocross Fans

Posted by Lowest Price ATV on Feb 24th 2022

Guide to Dirt Bikes for Young Motocross Fans

Guide to Dirt Bikes for Young Motocross Fans

There is a lot to think about when searching through the best dirt bike for kids. And nothing compares to the joy and excitement of watching the next generation enjoy the same thrill the way we do.

However, a lot of parents these days are not sure if it’s a good idea to let their child ride a dirt bike. Although there are a lot of dirt bikes that are designed especially for children, many parents still wonder if dirt bikes are safe for kids.

Dirt bike riding is safe for kids, but only if you pay close attention to a considerable number of factors when choosing one for your child. The most important ones are:

Seat Height: To ensure the kids can place their feet firmly on the ground, you must carefully consider the seat height of the bike. It should not be too tall as this will make them feel unsteady when riding the bike. A perfect seat height will make it possible for a child to stop and get off the bike without crashing all the time.

Tire Sizes: Considering the size of the tires is one of the crucial factors when choosing a dirt bike for kids. You can go for the smaller and larger tires. With larger tires, it’s easier for kids to steer the bike around obstacles. On the other hand, smaller holes allow the children to stop the bike with ease and avoid falling since they can place their feet on the ground. The tires also have a lower weight and offer better control due to their low center of gravity.

Throttle Limiter: You can find this safety feature on certain dirt bikes for kids. Dirt bikes and various other bikes have an engine displacement in numbers written as CCs. A bike with high CC can produce high speeds and the motor delivers high power.

A low CC dirt bike for children is the best. These bikes generally feature a smaller design and a throttle limiter for safety.

Also, the engine of the bike usually has a redline. The throttle limit prevents the engine from going past this limit to avoid engine damage.

Electric or Gas Powered: It all depends on your preferences. The gas powered bikes are more like traditional ones, while electric bikes are a step towards the future.

With an electric bike, you can minimize the noise while saving money on maintenance and fuel. And with gas bikes, you can get higher speeds and torque.

Engine Type: It is best to start with a 50cc dirt bike for kids. They do not have much power or weight and this makes it easier for them to handle it effortlessly while riding. The 50cc dirt bikes can accommodate children till they are 7 or 8 years old. After this, you can move on to a dirt bike with a bigger engine, 65cc or higher.

If you are looking for the best dirt bike for kids, Lowest Price ATV is your one-stop shop. We have dirt bikes of all price ranges, designs, and engine types. Shop with confidence for the best dirt bike for kids.

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