Golf Cart Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Posted by Lowest Price ATV on Mar 21st 2022

Golf Cart Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Golf Cart Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Golf carts have become quite a trendy possession these days, and why not? They are environmental-friendly, recreational, and fun to ride around in. These carts come in different sizes and types just like all other vehicles. If you are looking to buy the best golf cart in the market, none can beat the affordability and quality of ATVs, go karts, and golf carts throughout the DFW area than Lowest Price ATV. Our 20+ years of experience and commitment to quality have earned us thousands of customers throughout DFW. We offer you only the best brands at the lowest price.

If you’re a keen golfer in DFW, buying our Rover 200 golf cart will save you energy and let you have more fun on the course. While many of us enjoy walking the course, this cart can be a great option for those who fancy adding a different dimension to their game. This will provide you with enough time to rest and recover between shots.

But buying a golf cart is a significant investment. So, you want your cart to last. Upon owning your own golf cart, you will want to keep it in peak condition for optimal performance.

Follow the below tips for golf cart upkeep and you are sure to see lasting results.

  1. Charge Your Batteries

Charge your golf cart after every usage. It’s always advisable to keep the cart’s batteries fully charged before the next use.

  1. Fill Battery Cells, But Not Too Much

No matter whenever you use your golf cart, regardless of its frequency, it is important to check the water levels every one to three months. Make sure the plates are completely submerged. If you need to refill the battery cells, do so after you have charged the cart. After charging, do add distilled water to about 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the plates.

  1. Clean the Batteries

Check the batteries for dirt, corrosion, and properly-tightened connections.  This is important for the longevity and safety of your battery and cart.

  1. Keep the Tires Filled

Check the air pressure on your golf tires once every month. This is important with sudden weather fluctuations. This will prevent uneven wear on your tires making them last longer.

  1. Check the Brakes

It is important to check your brakes once every year. If you use your brakes seasonally, we suggest thorough checking, cleaning, and adjusting the cables, drums, pads, and pedal before your first use of the season.

  1. Check Oil Leakage

For excessive dirt or oil on the outside, check the rear differential at the back of your cart. If you notice an excess of either, there will be an oil leak.

  1. Service Once A Year

Experts suggest an annual professional check of your golf cart at a minimum. They can help with oil leak repairs, brake checks, and more.

Properly maintaining your golf cart will make sure it stays in its prime condition for years to come.

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