Five Ways To Win A Go Kart Race

Posted by Manny on Nov 7th 2020

Five Ways To Win A Go Kart Race

Five Ways To Win A Go Kart Race

It is we at Lowest Price ATVs from where you can have quality 2 seater Go Kart of reputed make at an affordable price. It is useless to purchase a Go Kart unless you know how to win your next race. We are here to help you win your next race. We share five ways that will help you to do so. 

Avoid drifting

At all costs, you need to avoid sliding and drifting. As you enter the turns sideways, the high-grip tires will slow you down, leaving you with no power to exit the corner. On the other hand, if you slide on a track, then you will have to wait for the track marshal to come, get you on track, and at the same time, lose valuable minutes. 

So, as you enter a turn, use the brake to slow the kart. The slow speed will help you to have better control and have more power to exit the corner. It would be best if you braked before the turn and not in turn. If you brake inside the turn, you will slide. 

Following the racing line

It would be best if you remembered that the fastest way around a turn is not the best racing line. The line that allows you to turn the least, using the least steering input, is the ideal racing line. It would be best if you considered the point of braking, the point to turn-in, the apex and the exit to establish the perfect racing line.

If you follow the ideal racing line, then it is for sure that you will win the race.

Fluent driving

Karting may not be a smooth and graceful activity; however, if you can keep things smooth and not make abrupt changes, it will be better. It would be best if you kept an eye on the racers before and behind you to make possible having a fluent drive.

Transferring weight

It would be best if you remembered that when you accelerate, the weight and the traction transfer to the back tires and the opposite happens when you reduce speed. If it happens that the kart is not turning, then it is ideal to go off the gas for some time. Again, if there is loss of traction, then apply the throttle to make the back tire come back in traction.

Pass like a professional

You need to learn to pass like a professional if you desire to win a race. It is crucial to learn this trick so that you can win a race even if you do not have the fastest lap time.

Follow these tips after purchasing 2 seater Go Kart from us to win a race.

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