Buying a 50cc Scooter - Know The Things!

Posted by Lowest Price Atv on May 12th 2022

Planning to buy a 50cc scooter? When it comes to deciding to buy a scooter, one of the important factors that one needs to know is the type of motor they want. It will help in determining other aspects or specifications of the scooter that include speed, legal requirements along with style and size.

Now that you have decided to buy a 50cc scooter, we at Lowest Price ATV want you to know the various aspects of the vehicle so that you can make an informed purchase. Being a dealer of 50cc scooters for years we make sure to provide our customers the best yet affordable scooters from top manufacturers. So have a look at the aspects of a 50cc scooter below:

What does cc stand for?

The "cc" is the short form of cubic centimeters that determines the amount of power that a gas engine can produce. The cc expression is meant for describing the power of gas scooter for engine production. Moreover, it also helps in understanding speed and the license requirements for driving these vehicles. 


As far as speed is concerned a 50cc scooter has a standard limit on its speed. A 50cc scooter is essentially the slowest vehicle allowed on public roads. The speed restrictions on the engines of 50cc scooters implies that they have slower top speed that what they are actually capable of as per legal requirements. Usually, the top speed of these vehicles is restricted to around 45 km/h (28 mph). 


In terms of price, 50cc scooters are typically cheaper as compared to the scooters with higher engine power.

Size and Hold Capacity

A 50cc scooter is great for storing the basics. Generally, these scooters come with a small storage compartment for smaller items. A 50cc scooter with its compact size is best for rides on city surface streets and beachside roads. However, make sure to check the legal regulations and limitations of riding a 50cc scooter in your region.

Buying a 50cc Scooter With Us!

At Lowest Price ATV we possess more than 20 years of experience in dealing with a variety of vehicles ranging from a 50cc scooter to an ATV to a go kart and more. Our friendly associates can help you find the best 50cc scooter for you as per your specifications and preference. With our commitment to quality we have earned thousands of loyal customers throughout the DFW area. Due to our low overhead, we offer you the Lowest Price Commitment. We have the following 50cc scooters in our inventory.

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