250cc and 450cc Dirt Bike: Which one Should I Buy?

Posted by Lowest Price ATVs on Jan 5th 2024

The debate over two-stroke versus four-stroke engines has raged for years when choosing between 250cc and 450cc dirt bikes. While the ideal engine displacement is subjective, 250cc bikes provide a lighter and more nimble riding experience, while 450cc bikes offer greater power and high-speed stability. Ultimately, matching the bike's power and handling to your size, skill level, and riding style is more important than obsessing over engine specs alone.

250cc dirt bikes differ from 450cc dirt bikes in their power output. The 250cc bikes do not have as much speed and power as the 450cc versions. While the more powerful 450cc bikes are typically best for intermediate to advanced riders, the less intense 250cc bikes are often better suited for beginner riders.

TaoTao DB100 105cc Dirt Bike

If choosing the right motorcycle seems more daunting than expected, you are not alone. At Lowest Price ATV, we can help make this decision easier and less stressful. Continue reading to learn more about 250cc versus 450cc engines. It will empower you to make an informed decision for your next Taotao dirt bike.

Should I Buy a 250cc or 450cc Dirt Bike?

Are you just starting in the dirt bike world? You probably noticed the myriad manufacturers, engine sizes, and dirt bike models available in the market.

Choosing the right dirt bike can be challenging. There are many conflicting opinions based on people's personal experiences and skill levels. However, as a beginner or someone returning after a long break, your abilities will differ from others. It is important to carefully consider your own needs and riding style when selecting a dirt bike that suits you best.

If you're a beginner, we recommend starting with a 250cc dirt bike as a precautionary measure, not because you lack strength or skill for a 450cc. We would take the same cautious approach if we were beginners ourselves.

250cc bikes are lighter and less powerful than 450cc bikes. If you are new to riding or handling the substantial weight of a larger bike, for your safety start with a 250cc dirt bike first.

TaoTao DB200 196cc Dirt Bike

If you've taken a long break from dirt bike riding and are considering returning, a 450cc bike may allow you to pick up where you left off, though you'll likely be sore the next day. When choosing a dirt bike, consider these key factors: such as your weight, height, fitness level, riding terrain, riding frequency and skill level, and your riding & handling ability.

Is a 250cc Taotao Dirt Bike Good for a Beginner?

A 250cc Taotao dirt bike is good for an adult beginner. The lighter weight of these models, under 450cc, makes them easier to control on the track compared to the heavier 450cc models. Among a few other reasons why a 250cc Taotao dirt bike might be better for you as a beginner into dirt biking. Here’s why a 250cc Taotao dirt bike is better for beginners:

250cc motorcycles weigh less than larger bikes, so they are easier to maneuver and control for many riders.

They are generally more affordable to purchase and maintain compared to larger motorcycles.

Their seat height is similar to 450cc models, allowing tall riders to comfortably fit on 250cc bikes.
Power output is easier to handle

The internal combustion 4-stroke engine doesn’t emit high amounts of fumes into the air as the 2-strokes did. Tao Tao brands have continued to manufacture 4-stroke dirt bikes with advanced engines to ensure they are up to standard.

Is a 250cc or 450cc Taotao Dirt Bike Easier to Ride?

Riding a dirt bike requires skill and effort. It demands physical strength and endurance to maneuver these heavy machines over rough terrain. The style of riding you plan to utilize on the track and your level of fitness will determine which dirt bike fits best for your adventure riding. However, with consistent training and practice, riding becomes easier and riders grow stronger and more adept.

While 450cc engines offer immense power, their responsive handling makes them well-suited for casual riders navigating varied terrain. However, some riders caution that the effortless power of a 450cc can lead to laziness.

The power output of a 450cc dirt bike is much higher than a 250cc dirt bike. That is why we recommend 250cc Tao Tao dirt bikes for new or inexperienced riders. 450cc dirt bikes are perfect for more experienced riders.

The higher the cubic centimetres, the taller the bike! They are more powerful as well. Hence 150cc- 250cc Tao Tao dirt bikes are always recommended! 250cc Tao Tao dirt bikes are an excellent choice for riders at the intermediate level. It helps you continue to enhance your skills and gain more confidence.


When choosing a bike, don't simply pick the faster model. Consider your height, weight, and riding skill instead. Novices should start with a 250cc until confident enough to handle a 450cc. More power means greater speed, but a proper fit and ability better ensure safety and success on the track.

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